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Broker Portal Suspension

To our valued business partners:

DAS made the business decision to suspend our standalone policy broker portal for the foreseeable future, effective August 1, 2018.

The DAS Broker Portal was designed and implemented back in 2011, when our initial strategy was to sell a high volume of standalone Legal Expense Insurance policies.  However, our business model has moved in a different direction over the last 4 years.   The broker community has embraced providing Legal Expense Insurance by offering it to personal and commercial affinity groups, or by creating brokerage small business programs.
Due to this evolution, our portal is no longer an efficient means to transact with our broker partners.  As a result, we decided to suspend portal operations while we consider other technology solutions that are more advanced, and better align to how brokers offer Legal Expense Insurance to their clients.

Is DAS offering an alternative solution to the portal in the meantime?
Yes, please contact your DAS Broker Consultant and they will be happy to assist with creating a DAS Small Business Program for your brokerage. 
Under a DAS Program you can continue to offer DAS Business, DAS Transport and DAS Business for Condo Boards / Strata Councils to your commercial clients in a manner that better aligns with your sales processes.

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