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73% of business owners believe a legal issue would have a tangible impact on their finances1

Entrepreneurs, with fewer or no in-house resources, are often unable to find the time to deal with a legal issue, and to absorb the financial impacts of unexpected legal events. Are your start-up and entrepreneurial clients well protected?

Here are some common legal issues your clients will be protected against with a DASgroup - Entrepreneur policy:
Protection at home Protection at work
- Highway traffic offences - Employment disputes
- Disruptive neighbours - Contract disputes
- Suspension of driver's licence - Tax audits and appeals
- Faulty repairs, contract breaches  - Statutory licence protection          
- Bodily injury - Criminal prosecution

Flexibility. Our DASgroup policies are flexible. We can add or remove elements of coverage to perfectly fit your clients’ specific needs.
Financial protection. Ensure your clients are financially protected and have peace of mind. With an LEI policy, many legal issues can be negotiated. And when unfortunately they lead to a court or tribunal, your clients’ legal expenses are covered.
For more information about how to offer legal expense insurance to your group or association, contact us today!

1 DAS Canada white paper, Small Business Owners and the Canadian Legal System,  May 2015
DAS Whitepaper
Access to Justice or Exposure to Debt?

- An IPSOS study

DAS Whitepaper
Small Business Owners and the Canadian Legal System

- An IPSOS study