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Misconceptions of the Legal System - As Seen On TV

June 17, 2019 0 Tags
Drama. Glamour. Suspense. That’s how the legal system is portrayed on popular TV shows. Is that what the legal system is really like? Do these shows accurately depict what happens when a legal problem arises? Below we dispel some common misconceptions fuelled by, admittedly, entertaining and exciting TV shows. First, the drama. Television commonly shows lawyers heading into court... Read More

You’ve Filed Your Taxes. What Comes Next?

March 18, 2019 CRA, tax protection, tax season
At some point in their lives, most Canadians will be subject to a tax audit from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). While the process can be anxiety-inducing and stressful, it’s important to know what your rights are if you are audited and how to appeal the CRA’s decision if you don’t agree with the outcome. The CRA’s auditing process begins after the tax... Read More

Superior Court of Justice Clarifies Payment of Insurance Proceeds Under a DAS ATE Policy

March 05, 2019 0 Tags
By David J. Smagata Vice President Claims, Chief Legal Officer -- In Peter B. Cozzi Professional Corporation v. Szot, CanLII - 2019 ONSC 1274 (CanLII), the court... Read More

The Top Three 2018 Cases Impacting Individuals

January 30, 2019 0 Tags
Mainstream media rarely reports on developments in the legal system, even though many court cases have important ramifications for everyday individuals. Below is a roundup of three of the most interesting and important cases from 2018.Employment The case of Watson v. The Governing Council of the Salvation Army of... Read More
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